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I'm Annisa Vania, 14 y.o. Just supporting Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato. I love fashion and photograph. I'm not a fashion designer, but someday I will. You can contact me on my twitter : @NeverSayTaylor. I dedicated my Twitter for Justin, Taylor, and Demi. And this blog, I dedicated to fashion, and you. Yes, You. SWAG

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Monday, September 10, 2012 | 6:23 AM | 0 comments
I ever think of a beautiful woman walk over the altar with her beautiful white dress. It is the moment when the bride have their happiest moment, with their holy promises to live together no matter what.

Well I don't have any idea to draw for. I was just thinking for a beautiful white dress but I didn't think about a wedding dress. I just drew and drew and drew as my idea flows. And look what I've done, finally I have a picture of a beautiful wedding in my head so I continued drawing.


Oh I can't believe what I've done. It is not that perfect, I know. I don't have any basic of designing outfits, I never study about it particulary and so just my drawing, so all I can present to you all is just thisss.

Naah I will show you more details of the top.

I don't know this make sense but, this is the part of me.
Sunday, September 9, 2012 | 9:05 AM | 0 comments
Yes people, this is the part of my life. Drawing. Painting. Or whatever it is.
Well, I really like fashion and I use to design some of them. It starts since I'm in four years old. I think it is very fun. I use to drew a fairy, very big fary with a big beautiful wings, a magic wand in her hand, and she wears a beautiful bright dress with well, a trousers. I didn't really know what I was imagine. The last word--trousers-this is ridiculous and I realize it is not suit with a fairy. Way too embarassing. And I drew the same thing everyday with sometimes I drew some chicken under the fairy, because my father have so many chicken at my age 4, and I think it is funny to add them in my picture. So there are fairy and chickens in my picture. always.
I still have the pictures, but I don't know where. So I can't show you all.

I like drawing so many pretty dresses,etc. I have more than 3 books full of my design when I was in elementary school. I always told my mother and my friends everytime I done with my new design. I think they like it. Because my friends always ask me to drew some picture for them. I did it with all my heart because I love it! They never pay me and the don't have to. To see how they are happy with all I did it worth it all. :)

Now I would like to show you my work. It is not the newest one, I drew those when I'm in grade 7.

The first one, I call it 'PassionCult'. That is a "Kaus Pelangi" with burst in colour, contains black,red,and green that is strong and describe a strong passion and  smolder spirit of teenager. And for the skirt, I use 'Batik' with flowry print that I think it is ethnic and I hope we can make Batik as something cool to wear. And the last,is the long vest. It is denim. So the conclusion of this outfit is describe the spirit of teenager with cool style but still love our culture.

The second is a dress with flowery print, I named it 'Florian'. This overall dress suit for you who want to look sweet,feminine,cute, yet natural.

With brocade variation, the skirt looks more beautiful with half-cover made from brocade for variation.


I Ruin My Day
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 | 9:25 PM | 0 comments
It was July 31th when I get mad with the whole world. I woke up with no smile in my face. In the morning. 5am. It was actually a small problem : lazy. No I think it's not a small problem again. Don't you guys ever think that 'Lazy' is a small problem.

I woke up and yelled at my mom,"I don't wanna wake up. I will stay in my bed like forever!" then I thought of my words I said. God, let me apologize... How if I can't open my eyes again in the morning? How if what I said become TRUE? I was kinda afraid so I stood and went to the bathroom.

I was thinking it was a cruel world! Why should I go to school? Why can't I just stay at home? I need holiday but I was thinking twice. How if I can't school like forever? I should be very very thankful to You, God you still let me go to school like everyday, I can get so many knowledge and it's not impossible to me to get a better future. So I took a bath but I was still grumbling on about how I can't wake up late! I pissed off.

OMG yes people I have a great idea. I decided to go to school but I didn't wanna smile, no. Because I wanna show all of you, show the whole world that my head was rainy and I have a bad mood and I don't want to go to school and even study and everything! Ladies and gentlemen, I was deal with it.

So I went to school and my heart still frowning.

In the class, I said no words, I made no jokes, and I gave no smile. My friends were wondering, what's wrong with me especially my bestfriend. But I said nothing and after all, all I did is sit and doing the assignments.

I can't stand it again until it was 9.30am. I was unhappy and realize that all I did is just useless. You know, a good day starts from good mood. So a good mood is a good start. But see what I did, I ruin my day with all the stupid things like bad mood and lazyness. I must stayed cool so I try my best not to smile until 12.30 pm. Shit.

After all I don't wanna ruin my day off again.
And I wrote this in the mathematics lesson when I got so much bored and regreting,


Taylor Swift : No Flash, Plenty of Cash
Thursday, July 19, 2012 | 2:40 AM | 0 comments
Nahaha hello buddy I miss you quite terribly. :*
Seperti biasa gue hiatus lama karena gak tau apa yang harus di posting, and now I might talking about the young role model, Taylor Swift.


As you know, Taylor Swift is 22-year-old country singer and she recently topped Forbes' annual Highest-Paid Celebrities Under 30 list after earning a reported $57 million between May 2011 and May 2012. Wow banget ya kan? Swift punya pendapatan lebih banyak dari Lady Gaga dan Katy Perry. Hebatnya nih ya, Taylor Swift mencetak kepopuleran plus duit yang buanyak banget, bukan karena dia bikin sensasi-sensasi gak jelas, tapi karena dia emang inspiring. :))

Seperti yang dikutip di, If Gaga is "the current queen of rebellion and outlaw behavior," then Swift is an ambassador of optimism, brightness, and other positive words you'll probably hear said during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Well, Taylor Swift emang menginspirasi orang banyak di seluruh dunia dengan lagunya yang kebanyakan bertema cinta atau love-life nya. Banyak yang bilang, kalo "Taylor Swift sings what the girls want to say" and it's completely true for me :D Taylor juga nulis lagu sendiri di album Speak Now nya. And what we like the most is, Taylor Swift nggak nulis lagu tentang sex, drugs, atau umpatan. Tapi tentang kehidupan pahit manisnya cinta. *Ceileeeh xD

Elayne Rapping, seorang profesor Emerita media studi di University of Buffalo bilang,"Swift adalah penyanyi country / pop dan daya tariknya mungkin lebih besar untuk pemirsa dewasa daripada yang Gaga atau Perry. So she is hitting a broader demographic"


With millions in the bank dan 6 kemenangan Grammy Awards, Taylor is the luckiest girl ever. :')

After all, this star doesn't have a need for flash. She just likes strumming her guitar, singing her heart out, and making cash. <3333

Mustard Dress
Sunday, April 8, 2012 | 8:08 AM | 0 comments
Ingin tampil girly yet fresh dengan dress nggak harus pake warna pink. Kalian bisa coba pake warna mustard. Mustard itu saus yang warna kuning yang biasanya di oleskan di burger itu loh... Warna kuning yang nggak terlalu mencolok, bikin penampilan kita nggak norak. Jadi kita terkesan keep calm and stay fresh dengan warna mustard ini.
Mustard dress emang manis buat dipakai...

Dress ini dipaduin sama legging plus ankle boots kayaknya oke juga ya :)

Buat baju muslim juga bagus...


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Printed Dress
| 7:46 AM | 0 comments
Printed dress bukan hanya beken di jaman ortu kita, sekarang pun printed dress bisa jadi fashion item yang fresh buat kita. Printed dress yang ramai akan motif, bikin kita lebih fun. Mau dipakai sama polkadot scarf kayak Leighton Meester juga oke, asal pake warna yang lebih gelap-kalo dressnya warna terang, dan pakai yang lebih terang kalo dressnya warna gelap. Jadi kontras gitu, soalnya printed dress kan rame, biar nggak tabrakan dan terkesan norak. Gaya para seleb dengan printed dress patut dicontoh tuh...

 Leighton Meester

 Taylor Swift

 Sarah Hyland

 Vanessa Hudgens

 Elle Fanning

Lily Collins

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Saturday, April 7, 2012 | 5:29 AM | 0 comments

Akhirnya gue bisa juga pake blogskin. Gilaaa, tadi gue sampek keringetan, bayangin kalo blogger gue rusak untuk yang kesekian kali. Padahal gue juga udah bikin blog-kelinci-percobaan, tapi gue nggak nyadar, malah klik yang blog gue yang ini. Nyesek banget kalo rusak lagi. Jadi gue berharap semoga Allah SWT memberkahi blog gue yang satu ini. Amin~

Jadi ya gini deh. Gue masih agak bingung ceritanya. Bingung gimana bikin tempat yang buat exchange link itu, bingung gimana cara kasih tempat followers list itu, dsb. Pokoknya bingung dan gue gundah. That's why gue memposting lagi dan ada gambar HAHAHA gak jelasnya itu, soalnya gue lega blogger gue nggak rusak. Inilah yang bakal menjadi uneg-uneg 2012 gue kalo suatu saat gue ketemu Uya Kuya.

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